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WE Round Series

With the latest technology, Western Elevators is proud to present to you our W.E. Round Series. Its modern and innovative design optimizes the use of space, maximizing the cabin’s useful interior and accentuating every corner of your home.


Novel Architcture

W.E. Round Series has been created as a form of art. We have perfected the combination of design and technology to make the perfect luxurious elevator for your home.  

Every detail of W.E. Round Series is designed with the aim and focus of offering a solution to the habitability of your home. 

It is a revolutionary all-in-one design. It comprises a self-supporting structure with
the motor built-in and a completely transparent 360° panoramic car.

RPE1338 Brown.jpg

Safety and Comfort

W.E. Round Series maintains a high safety rating among home elevators. We are committed to excellence, innovation, and aesthetics to ensure we bring comfort to you and your loved ones in your dwelling. 

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