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WE Residential Series

W.E. Residential Series elevators are highly customizable based on your own unique preferences. 

  • Each and every elevator is tailored specially for you in terms of functionality and aesthetics, inside and out. 

  • Wide array of choices — handrail, full height console design, shaft finishing, flooring, and color. 

⭐ 10 years warranty on screw/nut drive⭐  

Special Features 


Space saving

W.E. Residential Series comes with a motor-equipped shaft. No need to provide additional space for motor or high headroom as the elevator is fully self-contained. 


Fully Customizable

WE Residential Series is a modular lift system where every unit comes with a shaft customized by you. There are wide selections of shaft colors and platform finishing suited to your tastes. 



With W.E. Residential Series only minimal construction work is needed. The elevator sits comfortably on the floor level. Hassle-free installation for your new or existing home. 

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Sleek and Luxurious

Each model comes with a sleek, full-height lit console with a digital control operating panel to move you from level to level, day in day out. 

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