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WE Cabin Series 

WE Cabin Series consists of 2 models, WEPT and WESR. The differences lie in its door opening, swing for the former, sliding for the latter. 

WE Cabin Series is suitable for houses going through major construction or houses with existing lift shafts. 



Designed for customers who wish to make the most out of their space. Each WEPT cabin comes with a full-height stainless steel console with a semi-auto swing door. WEPT offers extensive possibilities for customizing the elevators to meet your own taste and requirements. 

Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 5.42.48 PM.png


The WESR model has been designed for customers who want the comfort and familiarity of a conventional passenger elevator but also the architectural advantages of pitless, motor roomless, and low headroom elevators. Just as with a conventional passenger elevator, it comes with automatic telescopic sliding doors. 

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