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  European Screw & Nut Lift
  Round Panaromic Home Lift
  European Screw & Nut Lift
  European Escalator / Walkalator
  Stair Lift
  Wheelchair Lift
The Smartest Public and Home Lift

Western Elevators Sdn Bhd
is one of the very few companies in Malaysia that offers complete lift system.  In Western Elevators is one of the best companies focusing on quality for our product and after sales service. Our vision and values guide us to deliver product and service of excellent result.

Our vision is to be Your 1st Choice In Lifts, Malaysia and Asia.

We achieve our vision by adopting four fundamental values:

  • HEALTH & SAFETY: Above all we take care about our customers’ / users’ of our products safety as well as our own health and safety.
  • INTEGRITY: We reward honesty and ethics, we tell the truth and we do not support immorality in any area. First, we make self-criticism and then we criticize others. We do what we say we’ll do. We are fair. These are qualities that customers value in lift companies.
  • LOVE FOR PEOPLE AND FOR OUR WORK: As a company we have and present a real human face. We love and we care about people - our customers and our colleagues. We forgive human mistakes, and we love our work, and what we do, we do it with a lot of motivation and enthusiasm.
  • PROGRESS & INNOVATION: We constantly make progress, and every day we innovate. We don’t remain static, we learn about new things, we create know how, we constantly develop and we try to improve, not only, our quality, our service and the other strategic targets, but our attention to our values, our management and our strategy.

For all of us at Western Elevators Sdn Bhd these values go beyond the confined limits of simply achieving financial objectives. They are an integral part of our overall business activities and are expressed through our management style, the initiatives we take on important issues such as environmental protection, social contribution, voluntary commitment to CSR, continuous development, and cultural support.  

At Western Elevators Sdn Bhd our ethical standards have set a clearly defined strategy for high quality and Corporate Social Responsibility. For us this means continued progress; for our associates, higher quality, efficiency, better products and reliability!

We aspire to forming a team that is an active member of society; a team working for an organization that contributes to the quality of all our lives, where we are constantly driven to not only invest in our work and the products we manufacture, but mainly to believe in them and be inspired by them.

Western Elevators Sdn Bhd justifies this philosophy. Western Elevators Sdn Bhd is active, supportive, participative. Western Elevators Sdn Bhd progresses, evolves, innovates.

At Western Elevators Sdn Bhd , all business activity is in essence a continuous effort in ensuring that we operate first and foremost with a sense of public responsibility towards consumers, our associates and investors that have entrusted us, our colleagues that chose us and to the Natural Environment in which we live and work.
We are the official partner of Aritco Sweden in Malaysia.
We are expending our sales and technical support to Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

Lift Companies Strategic Goals

The main strategic goals that support our vision are:

We want to be known about our high quality. Quality that exceeds our customers' high expectations. We constantly improve the services provided to our clients and that makes us one of the most client centered lift companies.

We are reliable. We do what we've promised for to do, the way we promised it and when we promised it. We break a record in delivery and service time.

We don't waste time, material and resources in general. We care about the environment and that is obvious from the way we function and from the products we design. This is achieved through efficient and effective operations management.

We rely on our customers' satisfaction which results from all the above. We intensively and smartly operate in global and local market. All these allow us to invest to infrastructure and to people, in order to achieve our strategic targets, thus feeding a growing and progressive circle. In that way, we ensure our company's longevity and our personal professional progress.

Western Elevators Group

  1. Nefe Sdn Bhd
  2. Western Elevators Sdn Bhd
  3. J & Hang Engineering Sdn Bhd

  European Screw & Nut Lift
  Round Panaromic Home Lift
  European Hydraulic / Traction Lifts
  European Hydraulic / Traction Lifts
  European Screw & Nut Lift
  European Escalator / Walkalator
  Parking System
  Stair Lift
  Wheelchair Lift
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